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Forbes: Eric Bright was featured in the article, “How To Invest In 2017: The 9 Best ETF Picks”

“How To Invest In 2017: The 9 Best ETF Picks”, by Ky Trang Ho, Forbes.

SPDR S&P Regional Banking ETF (KRE)

By Eric S. Bright

Financials and specifically regional banks will benefit from a rising interest rate environment. Increases in interest rates typically lead to rising net interest margins for banks, which in turn should help propel their earnings growth. Assuming the Fed is prudent in the rate at which they raise interest rates, we have a window of time (one to three years) in which financials benefit from moderate and improving economic growth, a steepening yield curve, and continued consolidation in the banking sector.

In this environment, banks have the ability to grow their book value in the high single- to low double-digit rates going forward. Banks will benefit from an expected softening of the regulatory environment under a Trump administration.

The major risks include a change in regulations to the detriment of financials, negative surprises from the market or economy, a stronger than expected dollar, and an overly hawkish or dovish Federal Reserve that tightens faster than the market expects or unexpectedly lowers interest rates.

Please note: The firm’s clients and employees are currently invested in KRE.

Eric S. Bright is senior vice president at Bel Air Investment Advisors LLC with $6.5 billion under management in Los Angeles.

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