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U.S. Trade Policy In Asia: Looking Ahead

Asia Society Southern California led a high-level discussion with Wendy Cutler, Vice President of the Asia Society Policy Institute and former Deputy U.S. Trade Representative, on U.S. trade policy in Asia. The exclusive event was supported and hosted by Bel Air Investment Advisors on Wednesday, October 19th in the Los Angeles office.



Wendy Cutler is one of the foremost authorities on trade and a distinguished career in government policies, having helped guide U.S. policy for 30 years. She later joined the Asia Society in 2015 as Vice President of the Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI) and Managing Director of the Washington, D.C. office. Here, she focuses on building ASPI’s presence in Washington as a “think/do tank” and on leading initiatives that address challenges related to trade and women’s empowerment in Asia.

Wendy Cutler expressed her current initiative, which is looking at the future trade architecture of Asia. She wanted to use this discussion to explain where the United States trade agenda with Asia was headed and what fate awaits the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement.


The trade negotiation is among 11 other countries including Japan, Canada, Mexico, four countries in Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and two countries in Latin America. TPP has many economic benefits and fundamental breakthroughs that have been a part of President Obama’s legacy and policy on Asia. It would allow for more state-owned enterprises, an environment agreement that would go farther than any trade agreement to date and deal with old issues that were never on the table like, agriculture. TPP builds the supply chain among all 12 countries and hopefully over time once the TPP is put into effect other countries would join in.

It is very doubtful that the TPP will pass during the lame-duck session of Congress in the United States. Wendy Cutler believes that will all depend on the outcome of the Presidential Election as well as the outcome of the Congressional Election.

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