Built Exclusively for Wealth

Bel Air Investment Advisors pioneered the independent wealth management model to serve the specific needs and interests of wealthy individuals, families, and foundations. The firm was built on a set of client-centric core beliefs which we continue to operate by today.


Interests aligned with our clients, providing comprehensive transparent advice.


Decades of experience advising wealthy families and investing across generations.

Highly Customized

A high advisor-to-client ratio and our senior level advisors are the ones doing the work.

Social Responsibility

Supporting our clients in their belief that we all bear a responsibility to our communities.

Wealth management is so much more than a portfolio.

Our clients have needs that extend past their portfolios and Bel Air is built to service those needs minimizing conflict and additional fees. Through trusted partners, we curate meaningful value-added services.

Pre-Liquidity Planning
Mortgages, Lines of Credit, Portfolio Lending, Art Financing, etc.
Current & Future Tax Consideration
Trust Services & Estate Planning Strategy
Philanthropic Strategy and Management
Next Generation Preparation and Education

Investment Advisors

Investment Managers

Management & Administration

We host conversations.

Created by Bel Air to deliver engaging and thought-provoking talks on a wide variety of topics, Conversations has featured discussions ranging from conservation and philanthropy to entrepreneurship and wealth management. Bel Air has attracted business leaders, entrepreneurs, and community stewards, all committed to sharing wisdom, insights and creativity to Bel Air, its clients, and community. Our guests have included notable TV personalities, environmental experts, health visionaries, and heads of state.

Larry King, Emmy and Peabody Award-winning host and media innovator
Yun Yen, M.D., Ph.D., City of Hope staff physician and medical oncology researcher
David Gooding, President and Founder of world famous Gooding & Company auction house
Russ Mittermeier, Vice Chairman of Conservation International and renowned conservationist
Matthew Bishop, US Business Editor and New York Bureau Chief, The Economist
Garrett Reisman, Director of Space Operations for SpaceX and Former NASA Astronaut

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