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June 5, 2017

Conversations with Former NASA Astronaut Garrett Reisman


Bel Air hosted the latest installment of its Conversations Series at the California Science Center, where guests were invited to dine under the Space Shuttle Endeavour with former NASA Astronaut Garrett Reisman.   Reisman shared stories about his 107 days in space, his three space walks, and provided an overview of the future of space travel.


Following the reception, Reisman spent a few minutes talking to attendees about what it was like to live in space, the feeling of launching into orbit, his first thoughts when looking at Earth from above, and commercial space exploration. When looking at the Earth from space, Reisman pointed out the surprisingly minuscule depth of the atmosphere and explored the idea that the smallest part of the planet is the one part we need most to survive—and is the most fragile.

Reisman talked about the future of space travel and his current role as Director of Space Operations at SpaceX. Innovations dedicated to space tourism will bring travelers into orbit and even to the moon very soon. SpaceX has significantly brought down space travel budgets and is refining new technologies such as reusable rockets. Reisman noted that SpaceX’s ultimate goal is to colonize Mars and bring human life to the far reaches of our cosmological neighborhood.

Created by Bel Air to deliver engaging and thought-provoking talks on a wide variety of topics, Conversations has featured discussions ranging from conservation and philanthropy to entrepreneurship and wealth management. Bel Air has attracted business leaders, entrepreneurs, and community stewards, all committed to sharing wisdom, insights and creativity to Bel Air, its clients, and community. Our guests have included notable TV personalities, environmental experts, health visionaries, and heads of state.