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February 15, 2019

Augmented Reality with Tech Visionary, Gene Munster

Bel Air Investment Advisors recently collaborated with renowned analyst and emerging tech investor Gene Munster, the Founder and Managing Director of Loup Ventures. Gene and his partner Doug Clinton launched Loup Ventures in part because of the commercial promise of augmented and virtual reality. Gene is an independently renowned Apple analyst and keeps a watchful eye on industry-leading companies including Google, Tesla, Yahoo!, Amazon, and Baidu. His research and commentaries are highly regarded within financial and technological fields and are regularly cited as sources of valid data by media professionals and tech executives alike.

The conversation focused on the emerging trends in VR, augmented reality, driverless cars and brain tech and how these technologies will fundamentally change almost every aspect of our daily lives in transportation, health, and entertainment.

The exclusive session was part of Bel Air’s ongoing Conversations series for its clients that works to connect clients with unique and memorable events that celebrate culture, arts, business, lifestyle, and more.