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November 12, 2020

TheStreet: Kevin Philip Quoted in "U.S.-China Relations: What Biden Shares in Common With Trump"

"U.S.-China Relations: What Biden Shares in Common With Trump" by Tony Owusu, TheStreet.

Kevin Philip, managing director of Bel Air Investment Advisors, told TheStreet that stocks could benefit from a shift in tone that is expected once Biden takes office in January.

"President Trump during his administration has significantly altered the landscape for trade with China primarily through aggressive rhetoric and tariffs," Philip said in an interview Wednesday.

"It seems clear that a Biden Presidency would in substance be similar but in rhetoric be dramatically different. It would probably not be overtly aggressive, which bodes better in general for the relationship and for the possibly."

Despite Trump's harsh tone, his skepticism of the fairness of the relationship between the two super powers has become mainstream between the two parties, Philip said.

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