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August 14, 2019

U.S. News & World Reports: Kevin Philip Quoted in "8 Ways to Minimize Taxes in a Taxable Account"

"8 Ways to Minimize Taxes in a Taxable Account" by Barbara Friedberg, U.S. News & World Reports.

The idea is that owning a fund that tracks a major stock index like the S&P 500 can help avoid niche index funds, which are costly and may experience long periods of underperformance, says Kevin Philip, managing director at Bel Air Investment Advisors in Los Angeles. “An investor can have a diversified approach in a hallmark investment category that will not need to be, or should not be, traded in an attempt to time the market,” he adds.

“Sexy sells but simplicity stands the test of time. Seeking tax-efficiency in taxable accounts can lead to the holy grail of investing: Long term, patient investing in tried-and-true strategies. In this quest, it’s easy to get fooled into a world of complexity,” Philip says.

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